You First

We live in a "me first" financial world. That's why today's "Great Recession" can in part be attributed to the lure of out-of-this-world bonuses on Wall Street and commission-driven tactics of subprime lenders.

When sales commissions are involved, a "me first" conflict often arises. No laws are broken. Behind the scenes, the attraction of earning a higher commission puts your needs and intentions at odds with your financial professional's. At United First Financial®, we simply win by putting YOU FIRST. We help you remove the burden of debt as quickly as possible with little to no change to your lifestyle or refinancing existing mortgage obligations required. Our industry-transforming Money Merge Account® program levels the playing field by positioning your current situation in harmony with proven banking strategies. Our motivation and mission is magnified with every penny you contribute to the principal of an outstanding debt.

"The Money Merge Account® software has given me great peace in knowing that our house will be 'Paid-in-Full' in 3.4 years. Before, we had 26 years left on our mortgage. At 60+ years of age now, we would be 86+ years old by the time it would have been paid. We are extremely happy & grateful!"
Ann M.