Working For You

For centuries banks have used certain core strategies to make their customers "money — your money — work for them."

Let's put these strategies to work for you instead of against you! You can with the UFirst™ Money Merge Account® program, which measures your financial acuity and maps out some of your quickest paths to being debt free. After entering your individual debt obligations, you will receive three values unique to your financial picture:
1. Years to Pay Off
2. Payoff Date
3. Interest Paid

The best part about this "dashboard" is you can speed it up or slow it down. Play it like a game. Tweak the software according to your situation, apply it to your budget, and you'll soon find some of the fastest ways to paying off your debt.

"Since purchasing the Money Merge Account program, I have been able to look at money in a whole different way. The freedom that this program gives is worth the price of admission and to have the processing power of knowing how your money is working is a true blessing."
Beau & Sylvia O.