The Money Merge Account ® Program Transforms Lives

See how the award-winning Money Merge Account program is changing lives.

We've been paying mortgages all our married life (25 years) and never seemed to get any closer owning the homes we purchased. It has been 7 months since we started our Money Merge Account program and it is WORKING. We're amazed and grateful. It is clear that in less than 4 years from now, we will own our home at last.
Jim and Patti K.

The Money Merge Account program has helped my wife and I establish a budget, which was sorely needed to help us out of the payday-to-payday routine that has been our way of life for years. Most important is that we are going to have our mortgage paid off in less than half the time without affecting our lifestyle. Thank you!
John & Penny L.

Knowing that I am spending every dollar in the smartest way possible is so liberating. I now have the financial tools, dashboard and visibility into my financial future that puts me in charge of my money.
Dennis K.

I wish I had had this tool when I bought my house 9 years ago. If so, I would be sitting here free from debt. I love the Money Merge Account program!
Dana & Rebecca K.

We've just started using the program, but we have already dropped our projected payoff date by 3 years just by using the software to project our spending. This is a major advancement in budgeting and viewing just how spending affects the mortgage payoff. Thanks for a wonderful product!
Charles & Amy A.

As a single woman, I look forward to the savings I will receive from my Money Merge Account program. Best of all is the peace of mind of facing retirement age without a mortgage payment!
Virginia R

I think this program is wonderful. It will pay off my mortgage in less than a third of the time-from 30 years to 9.75 years, what more can I say?
Tony W.